My Big Move to the Big State –  it’s not all sunsets and sharks (but some of it is)

G’day from Sunny Perth! Not that it’s sunny today, it’s actually raining. But just go with me for a minute because every other day has been sunny – I swear. As you may know, my handsome boyfriend lives in Perth and we’ve been doing the long distance thing. We got a bit sick of that so I have made the shift over to the West Coast to suss things out. I’ve been in town three weeks now and have noticed a couple of things…

1. I’m no longer from Sydney, I’m from the East Coast. I’ve never thought of myself as an “eastie” before, Continue reading


20 Things We Can All Agree On

There are so many things in this crazy world that people disagree on. Some things are necessary to improving how society functions, others less so.


But sometimes you want a break from the back and forth. So today’s post is all about things we can agree on… Continue reading